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Kat Fitness is a reputable health and well-being company located in London, offers personalised one-on-one training services. Meanwhile, Bump2Baby specializes in delivering exceptional pre and postnatal fitness and yoga classes, available both in person and online. Their holistic approach aims to enhance the health, fitness and mental well-being  of mothers, fostering a positive and empowering experience for each individual.

Our Objectives are as follows:

  •  Create a secure and nurturing environment for pregnant and postpartum women, where they feel confident and comfortable sharing their experiences, feelings and thoughts without hesitation.. 

  •  Empower women with knowledge and support to gain a deeper understanding of the physical, emotional and psychological changes and challenges they may encounter during pregnancy and after childbirth.

  •  Promote awareness of the profound connection between body and mind, highlighting the importance of their independency for overall well-being.

Allow me to introduce myself

- I am Katalin, a fully qualified, experienced & licensed health & fitness coach with a specialty in pre and postnatal exercise.

Fitness has always been my passion, but during my own pregnancy with my daughter, I encountered personal fears surrounding exercise. I also struggled to find a qualified and trustworthy coach to support me through that time. This experience motivated me to pursue a career in this field, with the aim of helping other women going through similar journeys.


In addition to being a certified health & fitness coach,  I'm also a fully qualified NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Antenatal teacher therefore, This enables me to provide essential information for a positive, mindful birth experience.

Join my classes to experience the numerous benefits of prenatal and postnatal exercise in a friendly, safe and supportive environment. You'll have the opportunity to build a strong support network with other mums while taking care of your physical and emotional well-being.

Don't hesitate to get in touch and embark on this empowering journey together.

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